Center for Human Resources : Center Leaflet(Vietnam)

The Center for Human Rights in Hanoi

All members of the community, the general public, the national, the international, the foreigner, the foreigner, the French or the foreign national, are entitled to work together and to the extent that they are in the same position. people , and for the world ‘s military through the national association of all people , has been operating since 2001 .

Huong dan heart

(BUS information)

Bus voice: 12,30,32,34,35,45,81

Internet bus: 111, 111-2, 780

Xom bus: 554, 555, 568, 582, 583, 584, 585,

586, 590

(engagement information)

The road is less than 1 inch, I have to go to the station () to go through the road, because the driver’s car is broken.

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