The World We Live In Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election by Nalin

Presidential Election in Sri Lanka

January 8, 2015 was the day the new president (Maitripala Sirisena) was elected in Sri Lanka. President Lee became the 6th president of Sri Lanka. It is said that he was elected with a turnout of 51.28%, and the former president, who tried for a second term, received 47.58%. The former president, Mahinda Rajapakse, also had a high percentage of votes.

The former president ended the 30-year civil war in Sri Lanka in two years. Because of that, many people still like it. So many people want the former president to be the prime minister. Of course, there are people who don’t like the past president. The reason is that there were problems with buying foreign real estate with the country’s money by keeping family members in important positions. (It was also rumored that the president’s brother fled to the United States on the evening of the day after the vote.) When the

new president was elected, the Indian prime minister visited. During the Sri Lanka War, between 100,000 and 200,000 people fled from Sri Lanka to India, and it is said that the Prime Minister of India visited and told them to take them back to Sri Lanka. The problem that arises is that the army is currently stationed in the northern part of Sri Lanka where they originally lived, and the question is how to return the land, and also, the war forces that were suppressed in the past may use this opportunity to re-enter Sri Lanka There are concerns that

There are three factions in Sri Lanka: the Tamils ​​from India, the Muslims, and the native Sri Lankans, the Shimhala. The new president has a strong base of support from Tamil and Muslim forces. Native Sri Lankans are still afraid of war again, so many support the former president.

The war ended in Sri Lanka in June 2009. Many Sri Lankans want peace and no more wars and conflicts.

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