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People who go to work abroad in Sri Lanka Sri

Lanka is not yet a prosperous country, so many people have to go out to earn money because they don’t have a job. Both men and women go abroad.

In particular, many women travel to Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai to work as maids. But a problem arises. There are a lot of agencies, so it doesn’t cost much money to go there. How many times do you send and receive letters? The cost of the plane is only about 25,000 won. However, his monthly salary is around 35,000 won. A lot of hard work happens at home. I work from 3 in the morning. I’ve seen cases where something bad happened and came back after 2-3 months. There are also many religious differences. If you return to Sri Lanka, it is difficult to solve the problem even if you report it.

From 1997 to 1998, more people wanted to go to Korea than Arabs. It was about 95 years ago that people first came to Korea. Rumor has it that the salary is high. So most of those who decided to go to work abroad wanted to go to Korea. But going to Korea was very difficult. I have to take a Korean test, and I need to get good grades. It cost me around 300,000-400,000 won. In 1997, there were only two institutions that allowed people to go to Korea, one from the state and one from the private sector.

Now in 2015, I heard that South Korea gave Sri Lankans a quota of around 5000. However, it is said that 13,000 people applied for the test in June. Only 5,000 of them can pass. People think that working in Korea rather than Arabs pays a lot more and is fine.

I’ve been to Australia a lot in the past. Some even entered by fishing boats. It takes about 30 days to get to Australia by such a boat. Well-educated doctors and people like this went to work, and in Bangladesh they went to work that way. Now, because of the Australian Coast Guard, it is said that many cannot enter.

After the war in Sri Lanka, all overseas factories in the country withdrew to foreign countries, and jobs within Sri Lanka were greatly reduced. Those who return to Sri Lanka after working in Korea often have to go back to work abroad. I hope that Sri Lanka will become a country where people can live well without having to go abroad.

Article = 2015.5.24 Nalin
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