The Government Is Trying to Display Korean Society in the Show Window

The government is trying to display Korean society in the show window
Kim Ki-don (Director of Policy Bureau)

The 5th G-20 Summit (hereinafter referred to as G-20) will be held in Seoul on November 11th. The government is promoting the G-20 in Seoul as an opportunity for Korea to leap into a global leader and it is time for all the people to focus their national power for a successful hosting of the G-20. For example, in the case of frontline middle schools, they were asked to write a letter about the G-20, submit a slogan, and a poster as homework for the summer vacation. They are literally taking steps to inflate the public’s interest and expectations for the G-20. However, few people seem to know what the G-20 is. The G-20 was upgraded from the G-20 Finance Ministers Meeting that began in 1999 to a summit in 2008 at the suggestion of then-US President George W. Bush to prepare countermeasures against the spread of financial capital crisis due to the financial crisis that originated in the United States. Therefore, although the G-20 is calling for financial capital reform, it is actually aimed at maintaining the power of excessively inflated financial capital, and there are evaluations that it is an organization to shift the US risk burden to developing countries. However, these contents are not well known to the public unless they are interested and look for in-depth reports of ‘comprehensive current affairs’. The government is also in a hurry to announce the title of the chairperson of the club meetings in developed countries and may not want to announce the nature of the meeting or be found out as the chairperson of the bridesmaid, but it seems that the government is not interested in what kind of discussion the government will present as the chairperson. . Also, there is one more thing that is happening around us due to the G-20 event, but the people are not aware of it.

Long Summer of Migrant Workers

Last summer, which was exceptionally long and hot, was like a long tunnel that never ends, especially for undocumented immigrants. June 1st. The joint crackdown between the National Police Agency, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Labor, which started at the beginning of summer, strained their nerves like a taut bow protest. Every year, the government sets a ‘period for intensive crackdown on illegal immigrants’ and conducts intensive crackdowns, but this crackdown was unlike any other. The government started cracking down on it and put forward the title of ‘preemptive response to foreign crimes’ ahead of the G-20. Now, undocumented immigrants without a visa have become potential criminals. In the past, Korean society has never treated undocumented immigrants so blatantly as criminals. At least, Korean society kept a certain distance from the word ‘racism’ until the crackdown began. Although many migrants and migrant workers were being violated in terms of their human rights in a racist situation, they were slowly advancing their human rights protection. However, with this crackdown on migrants from Asia, Korean society has fallen into a society that enforces ‘racism’ under the government’s official recognition. For this reason, migrant workers’ human rights groups evaluated it as ‘a crackdown with the most impure intentions’ among the intensive crackdowns so far.


government’s ‘internal crackdown’ did not stop there ahead of the brutal fall G-20 by street vendors and homeless people . Under the guise of ‘Improving the pedestrian environment for domestic and foreign tourists in preparation for the G-20 event,’ the Seoul Metropolitan Government has greatly strengthened the ‘road special maintenance team’ and is focusing on cracking down on street vendors in Seoul, centering on Gangnam-gu, where the G-20 will be held. Measures to make the homeless disappear from the streets are coming out through the ‘Meeting for the Homeless in Preparation for the G-20’. As part of that, the police are strengthening unintentional screening of homeless people in major homeless places and subway stations, and the government’s measures against these street vendors and homeless people will be intense until the G-20 is held in November. This fall will be a ‘brutal fall’ for the socially underprivileged. The government also passed the ‘G-20 Special Act on Security and Security’ on May 19th. According to this law, for two months before and after the G-20 is held, the head of the bodyguard can arbitrarily designate a ‘security zone’ if it is deemed necessary for security, and in the case of a ‘security zone’, all assemblies and demonstrations are prohibited. Not only that, but the military can be mobilized as needed. All of these measures were taken for the two days and one night of the G-20. The government is suppressing the basic rights of the people by excluding the socially weak and minorities in order to display Korean society in a clean ‘show window’ during the two-day meeting. The government is trying to display ‘Gukgeuk’ in a lifeless ‘show window’, but unfortunately, next to the shiny ‘show window’, Korean society is suffering from racism and human rights violations.

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