Participation in the Vietnamese Workers’ Strike

Participation in the Vietnamese workers’ strike

 Guri Exodus Relocation Center Won    Ok    Gold

 The day you and the lawyer came to the detention center to meet us was a day we will never forget I’ve lived in fear and despair for almost 3 months, and I want to hold on to even a straw, so I’m thirsty for you to show up and help me I was born as a man and never cried in front of anyone .” The oldest of ten Vietnamese workers arrested on strike and released three months later , the oldest, spoke about what he had experienced  I was so unfair , I can not believe anymore in Korea , before meeting you Even the police , prosecutors , and public defenders wouldn’t listen to us I was told to answer briefly whether or not it was just yes or no, and I did not give him a chance to speak, and even the interpreter just admitted it and told me to go to Vietnam. It was obvious and I advised him not to seek help from other human rights groups,  he continued .

What the police interpreter said is not wrong This is the reality facing migrant workers in Korea No matter how injustice it is, there is no place to appeal, and even at this moment, migrant workers are being quietly and quickly being deported due to numerous injustice cases that we are unaware of Likewise, if we had not known about this incident, they would not have been able to tell us this because they have already been deported to Vietnam and are not in Korea .

“The situation has changed even in the detention center since we met you At first, according to the prosecution’s indictment, we were decorated as very bad monsters that did not work, were lazy, demanded a wage increase, and only fought However, from the outside, human rights groups , the construction union , the KCTU , and even a priest from Incheon attended the press conference to represent our position and reported our injustice in the media. our drinks, food , bring us some clothes to wear make me cheer up I’d be out soon , that we began to look hopeless since  flew the eyes, the smile meogeum goyigo tear mouth, he went on to say .

Yes , we did five press conferences As a result, more than 50 related articles were reported in a month, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) also became aware of the incident, which asked the Vietnamese embassy to show interest in these workers From then on, the Vietnamese embassy sent someone to visit the detained workers .

The strike of 180 Vietnamese workers is a very important incident as it is the first in Korea Legally, if this judgment of the Incheon Court is unfavorable to migrant workers and the right to strike is denied, this judgment can become a precedent and adversely affect all migrant worker strike cases that arise in the future In order for Korea to become a true human rights state, human rights groups , KCTU , and public-interest lawyers’ groups, etc., have set the level of guarantee of three labor rights for migrant workers to the same level as that of Korean workers. Recognizing that we had to raise them to the same level and go together , we fought hard with a terrifying force , even though we came across this incident late As a result , the judge of the Incheon District Court in the judgment “Workers have the right to independent association, collective bargaining and collective action as a guaranteed constitutional rights , is the enjoyment of the subject of labor rights regardless of nationality foreigners” and “industrial action In examining whether a strike as an employee constitutes a crime of obstruction of business, it is necessary to interpret it strictly so as not to infringe on fundamental rights under the Constitution . ”As in the recent Supreme Court precedent, it is a judgment that puts a brake on the practice of punishing ‘strike’ as a crime of obstruction of business, and also recognizes the right to strike even for foreigners And according to the ruling, 10 Vietnamese workers were acquitted of all charges of ‘obstructing work’ caused by the strike, and only a few were convicted, including co-assault .

 I didn’t know that Korea was such a young and vibrant country,  said the liberated Vietnamese worker representative It’s all thanks to you that we are able to wear plain clothes without having to wear a bathing suit today Now I know that there are so many incredibly good people in Korea The 10 of us made a promise to each other , in order to repay your warm heart, we will do our best to become good people and people who benefit Korean society. And then, when we go to Vietnam, I will tell my juniors that Korea has many good people. .”

As a Vietnamese, I would like to express my gratitude to all the Vietnamese workers who took interest in and helped out, including the 10 workers arrested in this case In particular, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to our Center for giving me the opportunity to be involved in this case It was a day so meaningful and happy journey that belongs to Korea, I go with the flow and walk towards national human rights .. I hope Korea is that you do not lose the young and lively look .   “ end 

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