Let’s Start the Year and Become the Subject of Our Own Solution

Let’s start the year and become the subject of our own solution

Segi Lee (Director of Data Research Office)

It’s early 2007. It is time for the bright light to dawn. All things live in winter, but in reality, they contain life and time to germinate. It is the time when the curve of time that gradually develops is unfolding. This amazing time is like a state of being at the extreme and at the extreme. It is the beginning of the year and the beginning of the year that the old and the new materialize as two sides of the same coin. The time is coming when the darkness of chaos spreads.
Since the beginning of the year, politics has been in turmoil. Not only that, the economy is poised to fluctuate, including the housing market. The beginning of the year is hot with the threefold politics of the dragons. It’s not just the Jamryong that’s been in a hurry. Politicians are busy with the politics of queuing ahead of this year’s presidential election. The ruling party is expected to suffer from measles due to rumors of the re-establishment of the ruling party, and the opposition party is enjoying a favorable vertical curve thanks to the popularity of the sleep dragons. However, since it is unknown when the good news will lead to a vertical crash, the rich are taking care of themselves from the beginning. In fact, only ordinary people are struggling with their yearly living. So the beginning of the year is busy with each other.
Presumably, this year our society is facing the fateful time to draw a hyperbola with demands from below and fluctuations from above. Isn’t the presidential election that will explode like a flood of water is the transition period for the power struggle? Thus, the direction surrounding power is also one’s direction, and it goes without saying that queuing from one side to the other will be a worthwhile dwarf. The problem is the underdog who will endure all kinds of ups and downs in the mess of the struggle for power. Especially for migrant workers, it is no exaggeration to say that there is a possibility that a certain crisis will materialize in the coming year.
The direction of the battle over the unification of the employment permit system has ended in dormancy, but you never know when you will lift your head and resurrect like a ghost. Concerning the abolition of the industrial training system, I am concerned about the form of self-report of each interest group related thereto. The job instability of migrant workers is also poised to fluctuate. Given the increasing number of migrant women and children from multicultural families, the fact that our society is now facing a situation where we cannot ignore the demands of multiculturalism should not be left to the future. .
Even so, to remain silent is the equivalent of entrusting fish to a cat. As migrant workers are in a period of germination, what is required is that they should expand their subjects as much as possible with their own strength, and for this purpose, they should expand their demands. The power of inertia has a clear limit. What can be obtained with inertia is not yours. They also cannot protect themselves. Migrant workers should not forget this point.
Korean society’s entry into a multicultural society means not only the diversification of demands, but also the dismantling of the ideology of extreme tyrannical tyranny. It can’t be nice Pluralism blossoms on the premise of coexistence. Multiculturalism ceases to blossom on its own when asserting exclusion and extreme internal interests like today. The problem of migrants and migrant workers, who are just starting to bud, is so heartbreaking.
However, one of the interesting things is the fact that the image of the development dictatorship of the past is being revived as a product in the face of the presidential election. Just as it is not unfamiliar to see a young opposition party presidential candidate bowing to the former dictator, Hyung-guk is now predicting a change to chaos. It remains to be seen whether that will be a kind of sectarian pluralism, but it is not necessarily a welcome thing, as there are no circumstances in which cases of forgetting history are often judged.
Watching this at the beginning of the new year makes me smile bitterly. This is because it is not the time to be left alone with the reality of migrant workers. Migrant workers do not have the strength to stop inevitability. However, the hour and minute hands go round and round. that’s the way of the world Therefore, what migrant workers desperately need more than anything this year is to seek a more advanced Juche formation. It should be a year in which migrant workers can speak up and become the main agent of resolution. It is not the life of a migrant worker who is simply a working beast, does what he asks to do and hangs for a price.
Therefore, hopefully, in the new year, among other things, violence in the workplace that tramples on human dignity should be eliminated. Non-payment of wages, which threatens the basic survival of human beings, is also an anti-human rights issue. Social interest and improvement of treatment for undocumented migrant workers is a cost that our society should pay. In addition to providing medical benefits to them, our society’s shadow is too deep when they are placed in the blind spot for human rights. It is a policy to count even the shadows.
However, this year is not necessarily a bleak year. Immigrants who stand up and claim for themselves are sprouting up everywhere, robbing the ‘impressive image of immigrants’ who are shown on the terrestrial TV show. Efforts to solve their own problems on their own are taking place in communities around the world. In short, even in the migrant workers’ movement, migrants’ participation is taking place in earnest. The activities of migrant labor unions are also expected to evolve. Various policies on migration are expected to be developed or materialized one after another. So the point is subjectivization. Migrant workers themselves have the task of becoming a year of Juche growth on their own.
The beauty of coexistence is understanding and acknowledging each other’s differences. When that happens, a happy smile spreads across the society in which we stand. I hope and anticipate that in the new year, whether you are from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam or Bangladesh, it will be a time of peace and a beautiful world where migrant workers are treated as human beings and a beautiful world where they can coexist as neighbors.(

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