Hahahoho Korean class fighting!!

It’s the Korean language I’ve always used through volunteering, but when I tried to teach it, difficulties always came and I could feel my lack. I felt like I was harming them, so I wanted to help rather than harm, so I was able to prepare and check. It’s so good that I can have a time that is more valuable than anything that I was able to meet and correct my posture as no one else was!! – Shin Jung-won

I learned the qualities we should have in the era of globalization while talking and studying with migrant workers. I felt that the color of our skin should not be defined as the color of our skin and that the diversity of migrant workers should be respected. – Heo Jeong-woong 

Every moment was fun and proud.
I hope it was a useful time for them as well. – Kang Woon-hyuk

It has been a year since we started taking Korean classes.
When I first started the class, I was excited and scared, but
now the Korean class students are already close like family, and they
all gather together to take the
class, so it’s really friendly. I
thought that we should try to disappear prejudice to multicultural families.
Of course, it will be difficult right now, but if
we promote the Korean language and throw away these prejudices, our society will become an egalitarian society without discrimination. – Kim Seon-woo

I taught Korean to foreigners for the first time. At first, it was very unfamiliar, and it was a little burdensome and difficult to approach them, but after teaching them, correcting mistakes, and explaining Korean, I looked forward to teaching them every day.
It seemed that foreigners’ skills were gradually improving by letting them know if there were any parts that foreigners didn’t know and even if there were mistakes. I also felt like I had to teach hard. I worked hard on the bulletin board evaluation table while preparing for class, but I think there is still more to work on.
Even after my middle school life is over, I want to continue this volunteer work.
Hahahoho Korean class fighting!! – Shim Ji-yeon

On Sundays when I usually just sit around at home, I seem to have made good memories that I will never forget while working as an assistant teacher in a Korean language class. It was great to be able to communicate with the migrant workers through the class, and it was very rewarding because the workers followed the class well. If I get a chance in the future, I would like to work as a Korean language teacher once again. Fighting for the Korean Migrant Human Rights Center in the future!!

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