For the Dreams of Publicans and Hares

For the dreams of publicans and hares

Lee Sang-jae (Head of Education and Public Relations Team, Korea Migrant Workers Human Rights Center)

We’ve never met, but I feel like I’m friendly, so I’m writing this letter. Maybe it’s because I looked at your diaries. Come to think of it, I looked at the diary without permission. Sorry. Forgive me if I feel bad.
The uncle’s name is Sangjae. I’m doing a similar job to the pastor that the publican and Harr often looked for. yes right You seem to be doing something helpful, but you are a powerless adult who can’t do anything when you need a fence. It’s embarrassing, but I can’t help but confess.
and your dreams. A world in which people of different skin colors and nationalities are treated as much as their father’s sweat wherever they are, and don’t have to be chased by people with fierce eyes. A world where even if you don’t have money to buy golf balls, you can hang Se-ri Pak’s unnie’s photo on the high ceiling and hold it in your heart. So in a world where there is no reason for children to be bullied. The dream in the diary you wrote down. That dream will unfold before you, so I can’t tell you not to worry and run. We adults will make it that way, so I can’t confidently tell you to just work hard. It’s a shame, but we have no choice but to confess that we are living in this land.
Seriya, Harya.
Instead, I want you to know one thing. I must remember in my heart that the object of all the resentment should not be Har’s father, an illegal immigrant who always has to run as if he’s hiding or being chased, his Vietnamese wife who got a lame disease while working in a factory, and the taxpayer’s parents, who are poor and powerless husbands. I wish it was engraved Rather than living the life your parents chose, Korea, where people are discriminated against because they do not accept other things well, was created by a world divided between the poor and the rich. Do you remember the iron gates of the factory that tax collector’s mother knocked on them? That’s it. To you, that big iron door closed to your parents, we should blame. I’m asking you a difficult request even though you know that your close family is the only way to relieve your tight hearts Don’t you hate adults who talk loudly?
hate it And don’t believe it. It is difficult for your parents to live in the arduous Korean life, and adults like you have already been accustomed to discrimination for so long that it takes a long time to figure out what is wrong. ha ha did you do that? to change people’s minds. Yes, trust your heart, your chapped lips. And believe that it was you yourself who reached out after misunderstandings and quarrels. The bike you used to ride together is hope.
you’ll be lonely But if you decide to be lonely, you won’t be able to go anywhere, and if you decide to go, you won’t be afraid of the darkened streets when the sun goes down. That’s how it finally arrives. In a world where you don’t have to make fake IDs, where you don’t have to climb into a container box and swing a golf club alone. When you get there, turn around and wave to the old man who will be somewhere. I will be cheering you on
On cold, lonely and hard days, don’t catch a cold and be well.
This article was written as a review for the movie Ser and Har, at the 2008 Incheon Human Rights Film Festival.

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