To the members who gave affection to the Korea Migrants’ Rights Center over the past year.

Thank you very much~

This is a guide to the issuance of donation receipts for 2017 year-end tax settlement ūüôā



As a private organization eligible for donations, the Korea Migrant Human Rights Center  registers donations in the year-end tax settlement simplification service of the National Tax Service so that members can conveniently receive income deductions for donations. Members, <National Tax Service Hometex> ( ) through <Go to Year-end Settlement> 

You can print donation receipts after January 15, 2018 .



For members who are unable to use the <National Tax Service Year-end Settlement Simplification Service>,

It is issued individually by mail, e-mail, or fax.

You want the individual issuing He

Or , please call the center phone number (032-576-8114) .



The method of use of the National Tax Service Hometex Year-end Settlement Simplification Service is as follows.


< How to use >

<IRS home text> ( )  connected

-> After entering your resident number, log in through the public certificate

-> “Inquiry of new deduction details of wage and salary income”

-> Click “Donate”

-> Print after checking “basic donation contents”





Designated donations can be fully deducted up to 30% ( revision of Income Tax Act of 2011 ) from the income tax amount of the sponsoring member , and the amount exceeding the deduction limit can be carried forward and deducted for up to 5 years.



Thank you to our sponsoring members who are with us, and we will continue to drive this year as an effort to create a world where migrants can live together.