2010 EPS Educational Resources(Burma)

Employment Permit System (EPS) Education

  1. Contract period

Formerly president of the workers and 1 years contract was . But 2009 years 12 Mon 10 days ( the Ministry of Labor , according , re-employment (18 1 trillion 2) and workplace change (25 1 trillion ) 10 000 2009 years 12 Mon 10 from the date of this effect occurs , that other provisions 2010 years 4 Mon 10 from one effect This occurs ) , the president consults with the worker Afterwards , the contract period can be freely determined for a period of up to three years .

  1. Labor Contract

In the past, the term of the labor contract should not exceed one year. According to the article 18 of the revised law, from 10 April, 2010 the employer and foreign worker may conclude or renew a labor contract for a period decided by mutual agreement within three years from the date of his/her entry.

  1. Re-employment

Worker visa period ends 45 days before the president again, the contract should be .

2009 years 12 Mon 10 from one worker to re-employment contracts that if a country kind of does . And 2 years during the in Korea continue to work should be .

  1. Re-employment

According to the Enforcement Rule of the Foreign Employment Act, an employer is required to submit a reemployment application 45days prior to the expiration of the employment period of the worker. Thus, a foreign worker needs to renew the contract with an employer 45days prior to the expiration of the employment period.

Under the previous provision, a foreign worker had to leave Korea for one month if he/she was rehired after the expiration of three year employment period. According to the revised provision, if the employer submits a reemployment application from Dec. 10th, 2009 and obtains permission for the worker, the worker can continue to work for the extended employment period without having to leave Korea for one month.

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